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the moon is all there's left to kill


Post traumatic lifestyles drive us mad until we fall asleep Never doubt your conscious and how it absorbs all the toxins Seeping into your open head, hail satan demons fed Strangulation technique til your heart goes weak Sever the neck or drown in regret I don’t want to fear the outside The night is cold and she’s my home What are you dying for? While it goes in turn away Kill the lights, live another day Run to the top and taste the sky Or fall to death like butchery My forever aching arms from the pressing Giving what you take away from me Trapped inside a broken memory Of who I was, who I couldn’t be Decapitate to stop the suffering Acting like we ever had a choice Born to breed and fall into the void Sing your praise as long as you’re employed But never want to hear our voice Never giving up Swinging from the tight rope Drain me like my blood The only way we can cope
Never see it comin’, when you blink, a shadow’s reflection… How can I expect to breathe the same under water? Paranoid I’m destroyed but I swallow enough to explore If I collapse tonight at least I’ll have the sight of your eyes I adore I never wanted to be here, my mind is at war Every day is like I’m floating in space… Round and round I go The pain of this you’ll never know I keep the darkness deep inside of me So we both can breathe I might lose myself tonight Learn to swim and learn to fly Sweat runs down my face, my thighs What a good night All the way up just to come down You may not like who you see Round and round I go The pain of this you’ll never know I keep the darkness deep inside of me So we both can Run from the fright I need to shed my sunken eyes Don’t move too quick, forever sidelined Oh it’s such a nightmare here
Screaming in the rain The sound of suffering All alone again And they will never hear you Digging in the dirt To uncover your own worth You won’t find it here Our moment never came The reckoning The space between You and I Nothing feels the same As when you were my age Lick your wounds and talk your shit There’s no way to escape Living for the one percent Drowning in our hopelessness You suck my blood it makes me sick And I cannot break free of it The reckoning The space between You and I
Distant young people walk across the stage Destroying hearts, ripping them apart You can’t escape I won’t erase The words they spoke and the hope they maimed It’s all the same Your name, a number, the future framed And you can’t get back What you were programmed for The horror Autumn leaves falling onto my face Distorted dreams served for two Fade away We’re here to serve the ones who make the rules For us to follow all the way back down To where they say we belong In this darkened place Eroded love you gave to me Come on baby Let’s go back to when the night was meaningful Blackened skies in dilated eyes There’s no future without this time And I can’t wait to feel your hands wrapped around my neck Pull me down to the depths of this fucking shit Never trust the system of lies Profit from your end, all life dies
How long do I wait around for them to cave? These walls were built to break In my arms, I watch you waste I burn a candle tonight To illuminate your eyes So I can touch your face And understand your selfish ways Would you swallow the sun So you can keep the warmth Would you swallow the sun So you can die comfortable? If hate flows through you No love can be true It’s ripped away eternally I feel a calling to your knife In this cloak of night will we survive? Don’t listen to the unseen This haunting is a lie they’re manufacturing The moon is all there’s left to kill That I can’t feel without these pills Would you swallow the sun So you can keep the warmth Would you swallow the sun So you can die comfortable in spite


released October 21, 2021


all rights reserved



SESPOOL San Francisco, California

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